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Students Voices

Mindful Minutes wrote a grant through United Way Dubuque to receive funding so all of West Dubuque High Schools could get Yoga in their School. Here is what they had to say. 

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Growth & Takeaways 

Yoga Practice Growth 

  • “Feeling stronger and believing in myself”

  • “I feel a lot more calmer and it’s just something that I needed this year.”

  • “I feel more flexible”

  • “I have grown in my flexibility”

  • “I have grown through poses and through how to take better care of myself.”

  • “I feel stronger and more flexible”

Emotional Growth

  • “I think and feel happy & positive”

  • “I have grown to recognize my feelings a lot more.”

  • “That I need to pay attention to my feelings”

  • “That my negative thoughts are normal and that it is okay to feel that way”

  • “I have learned I can think, reflect, and talk about what I am feeling.”

  • “I learned that all emotions are okay. There are no good or bad ones.”

Biggest Takeaway from Unit 1

  • “To love myself and believe in myself”

  • “Learning to be more gentle with myself.”

  • “Feeling and acting on your emotions is what is best for you”

  • “To pay attention to your emotions and that all emotions are okay to have”

Favorite Lesson

  • Emotions Lesson

  • Core Beliefs

  • Positive Self-Talk - “When we made our own personal mantra because it wawa nice and a good thing to remember” (True North)

  • Body Awareness “because it reflects on the way emotions feel physically”

  • Core Beliefs 

  • Emotional Awareness “because I got the most out of it”

What is helpful outside of yoga time?

  • “To be aware of how I feel”

  • “Handling my emotions”

  • “That it is okay to not be okay”

  • “Going to poses when I need a break to think about my thoughts and feelings”

  • “Emotional Awareness”

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